I began making browbands when my children wanted to show their first pony - I couldn't afford to buy one, so making one seemed to be the obvious solution.

Since that "prototype" band I've made many many more, always striving to improve the look and durability of the finished item, and, remembering why I started making them in the first place, to keep my prices as reasonable as I can.  With customer demand I have now branched out into making pre-tied stocks, beautiful crystal stockpins, bib stocks, mini vests, canes, show jumping bonnets and now browband covers and storage bags too.  

My browbands seem to have moved in two different directions - I have huge "bling bling" types on 1" and 11/4" wide PVC or more subtle styles on 3/4" wide leather so the choice is yours.

All bands are available in sizes from foal to warmblood, and I can make custom sizes in PVC.

I hope you enjoy browsing my site and please feel free to contact me for more information if you need it.  I will be updating the site as more design pictures become available so call back often.  The items here are just a sample of what can be made to suit YOU and YOUR horse.  And don't forget, you can have "this" band with "that" rosette and "those" tails....in other words, chop and change your selections exactly as you like.

My bands have been worn by horses and ponies from PC show to Champions at Royal Show level, Barastoc and HOTY winners, and I also sell in equestrian outlets so you can be sure the item you are purchasing is absolutely top quality.

Photo "Consequence" owned and ridden by Tania Hay, pictured in her ~Show*Style~ browband after winning Tasmania SHC Open Horse of the Year.

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