I have only just begun making canes, so don't have a huge array of colours and styles just yet.  But I am sourcing toppers and have leather available in white, silver, gold, navy, tan, black, purple, hot pink and purple so there is already quite a nice selection to chose from, and now I have selected colours available in PATENT leather.  My canes are mostly made with a core so can be considered strong enough to use if necessary, and not just as a pretty accessory!

Purple cane with silver topper.  This one does NOT have a core so is for decoration                 Red and silver cane with a core.  Price is $100 and length 75cm
only.  Price is $75 and length 62cm
Red and gold cane 75cm long $125

New cane toppers in gold and silver - horse heads, bullets and balls
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Brown leather wrapped cane with gold top and RB24 centre $100              "Colin"  60cm navy and gold cane with gold sphere topper and filigree cuff  $125

"David" 60cm black and silver cane with silver horsehead topper, crystal rondelle and     
scroll cuff $125
"Freddie" navy and silver 60cm cane with aqua/clear topper and matching aqua/clear               "Erik" 60cm red and gold cane with gold horse head topper and scroll cuff  $125
rhinestone enamel cuff  $125

"George" havana brown cane with antique gold sphere topper and matching                            "Henry" navy leather with huge rhinestone topper above a rhinestone studded collar,
filigree cuff  $125                                                                                                               with a silver scrolled cuff  $125
Gold and crystal topper                           Antique gold and antique silver cuffs                                                                                       Antique Bronze cuff

"Ivan" tan and havana 61cm cane with antique gold topper and matching cuff  $125
"Julian" 60cm cane in tan featuring gold and crystal topper, gold/crystal                                        "Princess" 50cm child's cane in hot pink and gold $125
rondelles and plaited handle