These are lovely!  Very feminine, very elegant; a lovely look under your jacket.  Available in satin, cotton, or brocade with YOUR choice of brooch, stockpin or slide on/slide off "Swapsies" so you can change the whole look of your outfit with one quick and easy move.

**Please note, price does NOT include postage.  Current Aus Post price is $8.50 for regular satchel, or $10.85 for Express satchel **
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Cream brocade Eurostock with gold/pearl brooch  BR5 $55.  Red roses            Pale lilac cotton Eurostock with brooch BR1 $55.  Deep lilac with silver
minivest $35                                                                                              piping minivest $40

Pale blue cotton Eurostock with brooch BR11 $55                                         Pale green satin Eurostock with gold brooch $55
Deep royal with silver piping minivest $40                            
BR1 Silver 65mm                                    BR2 Silver 65mm                                         BR3 65mm                                           BR4 Silver Pearl 55mm

BR5 Gold Pearl 55mm                             BR6 Silver 60mm                                         BR7 55mm                                            BR8 60mm
BR9 Silver 60mm                                          BR10 Silver Pearl 50mm                       BR11 Silver 55mm                               BR12 Gold 62mm

BR13 Silver 37mm                                        BR14  Silver 32mm                                     BR15 Silver 37mm                               
BR17 Silver Pearl 50mm                                                                    BR18 Silver 37mm x 30mm

               BR19 Gold 65mm                                                  BR20 Gold  65mm                                   BR21  Silver 45mm
White brocade Eurostock with brooch BR4 $55.  Red roses minivest $35          White satin Eurostock with silver bling ring $55  Mulitcoloured minivest $35

Black satin Eurostock with silver cameo $55 Ivory patterned minivest             Ivory satin brocade with gold cameo $55.  Forest green minivest $35
with pearl detail $55
Latte satin Eurostock with gold brooch $55.  Ivory patterned minivest           Light aqua cotton Eurostock $55 with deep aqua piped with silver minivest $40
with pearl detail $55

Baby pink satin Eurostock with pink roses feature collar $55.                        Silver satin Eurostock with brooch BR17 $55.  Ivory patterned minivest with pearl
"Pink Roses" minivest $40                                                                         detail $55
                              BR22  Silver  38mm                                        BR23  silver 48mm                                       BR24  Gold  48mm

BR25  Gold  50mm                              BR26  Gold 45mm                                              BR27 Silver  40mm                                BR28  Silver 40mm
BR29 silver 40mm                                       BR30  Silver  40mm                                BR31 Gold  40mm

"Ursula" Eurostock $75  Matching browband $100                                 "Querida" Eurostock $75  Matching browband $100                
"Helena" Eurostock with detatchable "Swapsie Cuff" $75.  Matching Helena browband      Xena browband ($125) with red/gold minivest ($35) Eurostock $75
$115, "Colin" cane $125                                                                                                and "Lady In Red" cane $125

"Lily" browband $125, "Thriller" cane $125  Eurostock  $75                 Eurostock $75 "Back In Black" cane $125 microcheck browband $85
Ivory Eurostock $75 "George" cane $125 microcheck browband $85            "Sonia" Ivory bibstock with lace and red velvet ribbon - can be made
                                                                                                               with any colour ribbon under the lace $35

"Victoria" White Bibstock  $35                                                               "Rosanna" Ivory Bibstock with royal velvet ribbon $35
Ivory Bibstock with olive velvet ribbon $35"Oralia" Eurostock $75

"Nara" Eurostock  $75                                                                                  "Queenie" Ivory lace Bibstock  $35
White bibstock with black "Roses" lace $35                                        Cream satin and lace with pearls bibstock $55

"Bronwen" ivory lace satin bibstock $55                                            "Selena" Eurostock $75  ivory navy and gold
"Nina" gorgeous ivory coloured satin
stock with lace and pearls  $75
Ivory satin Eurostock with diamante and pearl detail $75                        Ivory satin stock with lace and diamante detail $55