Too hot in summer with a shirt, stock and vest under your jacket?  What about a stock or bibstock and a mini vest?
These can be made in any material from the "Stocks" page, and the mini vests made from cotton drill in any of the traditional waistcoat colours or contrasting colour.
Cornflower mini vest $30
Red mini vest $30
Royal mini vest $30
Gold bib stock satin $55
Cream self stripe cotton bib stock $55
White cotton pique bibstock, shorter styled Ratcatcher $65
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Pink minivest $30                                          Cream and gold brocade minivest $30                    Aqua minivest $30 shown with cream/aqua
Cream/pink gingham stock $35 crystal pin       Cream/gold diamante browband $95                      stock $35, crystal stockpin $15 and aqua,       $15,                                                                                                                                       cream and gold diamante browband $95
Pink diamante browband $95

Red minivest $30, White stock with navy/gold double            Red minivest $30, white stock with royal/gold double
piping and gold neck bell $35.  RB22 stockpin $15                 piping and royal neck bell $35.  RB 22 stockpin $15

Silver fleck minivest $35, baby blue Mix N Match Stock        Gold fleck vest $35, matching cream/gold fleck stock $35
$40 -  baby blue or royal blue "neck bell" also available        RB22 stockpin $15
$5ea.  Stockpin $15
Black with gold squiggles minivest $35, white stock             Red with gold squiggles minivest $35, matching white
with black/gold trim $35, stockpin RB22 $15                       stock with red/gold trim $35, stockpin RB06 $15

Ivory "pearlized" minivest $35, baby blue with ivory             Red minivest $30, white/ivory damask stock $25
trim/neck $30.  Navy/white/baby blue browband $90            Navy/red/white browband $90
Ivory with gold scrolls minivest $35, matching          Red minivest $30, white with navy and red trim $40, RB22
ivory/gold stock $35.  Stockpin RB24 $15                 stockpin $15  Browband $80

Hot pink minivest $30, white with hot pink/navy         Baby blue minivest $30, white/baby blue trim stock $30,
stock $35, stockpin RB27 $15.  Browband $85           stockpin $15.  Browband $80
Burgundy cream and gold Browband $80, stock $35,                               Aqua and royal gold set browband $90, stock $35,
Minivest $35, stockpin $15                                                                     minivest $30, stockpin $15

Gold Lycra minivest $35, White satin stock with                           Midnight blue with gold stars and swirls minivest $35, matching
Swarovski crystals $35                                                              stock $35, stockpin $15
Red gold and pearl browband $85, minivest $30, stock              Navy lime and white browband $80, lime minivest $30, stock with
with pearls and Swarovski crystals $40, pearl and rhinestone       double piping $35, RB09 stockpin $15
stockpin $17.50

Purple and lilac browband $85, lilac/purple minivest $35,                      Baby blue cream and gold browband $85, baby blue vest $30
stock $35 custom stockpin $17.50                                                       cream baby blue piping stock $30, RB24 stockpin $15, navy                                                                                                          snood  $15
Paisley blue minivest $30, stock $30 and stockpin $15                            Hmm not quite navy, not quite royal but very pretty!                                                                                                                     Minivest $35, Stock $35, Stockpin $15

This is almost Chinese in influence.  Stock $35,                                        Aqua/gold minivest $35, Stock $40, stockpin $15.
Minivest $35 and stockpin $15                                                                Browband $90
Navy with hot pink browband $90, Stock $40, Minivest $30, Stockpin             Royal with white browband $90, Stock $35, Minivest
$15                                                                                                          $30 Stockpin $14

White satin Euro stock with $50 detatchable trim $40                                    Ivory damask Euro stock with bling brooch $55
Royal minivest with silver piping $45
White satin Euro stock with bling brooch $55  Minivest $35                     Pale blue cotton Euro stock with bling brooch $55  Silver                                                                                                              piped royal blue minivest $40

                  Range of brooches available for Eurostocks, chose whichever you would like on your new stock

red roses minivest $35 matching stock $35 and stockpin $15             Pale lilac Eurostock $55, silver piped minivest $40

White satin with royal and silver piping $45, silver piped royal
minivest $40