NEED AN ITEM IN A HURRY?

I have a number of items made up and ready to go.  They are available immediately, but only in the sizes shown, they cannot be altered.  I usually have a wide selection of browbands, stocks "ready to go" also stockpins and some bibvests, plus hair barrettes and earbonnets.


Red and white with 5x row Czech banding, double crystal rings and HUGE sunburst centres 15.5"  $80
Royal, red and white with 5x row Czech banding, clear double rings and sunburst centres in 15.5" $80
Royal and clear alternate 5x row banding, royal/clear double rings and "beehive" centres in 14.75" $80
Cream and hot pink velvet with Czech "Cut Out chain, double clear rings and pink/clear centres available in 13.5" $80
Teal, gold and cream with 5x row Czech banding, clear double rings and large clear centres 14.75" $80
Cream and navy velvet with clear and navy 6x row Czech banding double clear rings and beehive centres 14.25" $80

Cream and gold 6x row Czech banding, double clear rings and "sunburst" centres 15" $80
Purple, cream and gold  with Czech "Wave" banding, double clear rings and beehive centres 14" $80
Red and royal with Czech "Small Squares" cut out banding, double clear rings and antique looking clear centres 13.75" $80
Aqua bibvest $30
Cream and crystal hair barrette $10
Polkadot stock, matching red bibvest and stockpin $80
Blingy hair barrettes $10ea large, $8 small.  Can custom make these in the same colour as your browband.
Cream and gold velvet with 5x row Czech rhinestone and PEARL chain, zigzag rings, single rings and pearl and rhinestone centres.  Gorgeous!  15.25"  $80
Cream and gold with exclusive "Squares" Czech chain, zigzag rings and huge "sunburst" centres 15.25"  $80
13.5" red/white/royal band with "C" shaped chain, royal/alternate double rings and clear centres $80
This is a bit different!  Navy, Lime and white "Slant" chain band with double rings and diamond centres.  $80 14.5"

How good do these look?  For dressage, or for home use - or great for lessons!  You can choose from any of the chains I have for sale, and no, you don't have to have black velvet underwrap, you can have whatever colour you'd like and any matching or contrasting colour on the overwrap - or gold if you prefer!  These gorgeous bands are ALL the same price - ALL JUST $30 each!!!  What a great gift for a horsy friend!

"Slant" chain

5x row clear crystal

5x row Czech crystal featuring 1x row of royal stones.  Red, white and royal overweave $80
Red and gold with Diamonds chain, and huge new rings and                     Cream and Royal with huge new rings and RB08 centres  15" $80
RB01 centres  $80   13.5"                                                                      

Royal and baby blue with 5x row chain, double rings and large centres $80  14.75"
Royal, red and white with "Diamond" chain, huge new rings and RB02 buttons.     Red, Royal and white with woven "Basketweave" chain, 
$80   14.5"                                                                                                      triple rings and RB14 centres.  $80  14"
Red, white and gold with "Diamond" chain, Zigzag and single rings, and RB12 centres  $80  15.25"
Navy, red and white with "Diamond" chain, 2x single rings and RB07 centres     15.25"  $80
Black, hot pink and white with Slant chain and RB09 centres,                              Burgundy, Cream and Gold "Diamonds" chain with double double clear rings 14.5"   $80                                                                         clear rings and RB02 centres, and new deluxe tails 15" +
                                                                                                                   15.5" $85
11/4" "Diamond C" chain with double rings, RB02 centres and deluxe         Cream with navy/clear alternate chain, double rings and RB14      tails.  Available in 15" + 15.5"  $85                                                         centres $80

                                                                                                  Baby blue, Royal, and cream deluxe band with SEVEN rows of crystals,
                                                                                                  2x single rings and RB08 centres.  $85 Available in 15 + 15.5"
Cream and gold deluxe band with 5x row rhinestone chain, huge rings     Porcelain blue with closed "Diamond" chain, 2x single red chains,
and RB01 Centres.  Available in 15" + 15.5"  $85                                    2x single rings and RB09 centres on 11/4" band.  $85 Available in
                                                                                                         15" and 15."
Teal. navy and cream with "Double" chain, zigzag rings and RB13
centres.  Available in 15" + 15.5"  $80
SEVEN row "plated" chain cream/gold band, with huge rings and           Hunter, cream and gold band featuring open "Diamond" chain, 2x
RB02 centres.  Available in 15.5"  $120                                               single rings and RB13 centres.  Available in 15" + 15.5"   $80

Red with touch of gold, double rings and                Red 6xrow chain with triple rings and          Red with white/royal "woven" band with
Sunburst centres.  All sizes $80                              RB02 centres.  All sizes $80                        red/clear double rings and RB02 centres. 
                                                                                                                                         All sizes $80
Red/white/navy/gold with 5x row chain,        Red with Slant chain "plated" across the band,    5x row chain plus 1x row red chain top and
double rings and RB02 centres.  $80             Zigzag rings and RB02 centres.  $120                bottom, single rings and RB12 centres  $85
11/4" band

Red/white/royal 8xrow chain, large fancy             Royal/red/white Slant chain, double rings and
rings and BR14 Centres  $90                             Sunburst centres  $80
  15.5"  $85                                                                                            
        red/white/royal with "circles" chain, Red white royal and gold 15"  $80  Royal red and white 1.25" band 14" $85
       double rings and RB15 centres  $80

                                                       Red/white/gold with 6xrow chain, fancy rings    

                                                                         and small sunburst centres  $80                        

                                                                                                                                    Burgundy, gold and cream with 5x row
                                                                                                                                    champagne chain, single champagne rings 
                                                                                                                                    RB15 centres  16"  $80

Navy and red with 6x row chain, "Carnation"   
centres and spiderweb rings
red/clear single rings, diamante tail tips and
new tail trim.  Ready to go in                          White and navy 15" $80                       White with silver $80  14.5"
15.5"  $85

Lilac,purple and gold 14.5" $80             Aqua cream and purple 14.5" $80                  Royal baby blue and white 15" $80

Royal, red and white 15.5" $85                                    Red, navy and white 15" $80
"Purple Hearts" made on 1.25" band $85 14.75"                               Zigzag in purple/gold/white $85 14.75

Red/white/gold pearl browband 15"  $80                                             Red/white/silver band in 15" 1.25" $85
Teal/cream/gold in 15" on 1.25" band $85                                              Dark aqua and clear chain, silver set in 14" 1" band $85

Red/navy/gold 1.25" band available in 16" $100                                 Red/navy/white 1.25" band available in 16"  $90
Forest green with light topaz coloured chain 1.25" band  16"                Lilac 16" band, 1.25" wide set with clear/purple stones $90

Royal/red/white silver set 'Waves" browband.  Available right now               Royal and aqua with silver $90 13.5"
in 14" priced at $95
Purple, white and silver with pearls.  Available in 13.5" $80                           Purple and silver 14.5" $95

Royal and aqua 13.5" $95                                                                Black and red 15"  1.25" band $100
Purple and lilac 15" band featuring rhinestone/pearl band, double                   16" cream and navy featuring gold set ZigZag chain, RB02
rhinestone/pearl rings and custom  centres $85                                              centres and navy/clear double rings.  1.25" wide $85

15" Baby blue/cream/gold band featuring rhinestone/pearl chain,         Red/white/royal 13.5" band featuring open "Diamonds" chain, RB17
RB24 centres, rhinestone and pearl single rings and deluxe tails  $85    centres and royal/clear double rings $80 
Hunter and olive green with "Ladder Rung" chain and pearl                      Red, white and silver with new "Crisscross" chain made up in 14"
tiny rings 15.25" $90                                                                            $90

Purple and lilac in "Ovals" chain made in 15.75" $90                       Honey and dark brown made up in 15.75".  Features brown braid with
                                                                                                pearl and clear rhinestones threaded through it. $100
Black, cream and gold with pearls.  Pony size $80                               Olive cream and gold 14" $80

Royal with silver set clear rhinestones and silver braid 15" $90         Royal with gold set accessories 1.25" wide band, 14.5" $100
Red, white and navy made up in 16" on 1.25" wide band $90              Red with red rhinestones and pearls, made up in 14" $90

Sky blue and cornflower with silver set accessories.  Made up in 15"        Hot pink and white with silverset "triple" chain and filligree centres
on 1.25" wide this one is $90                                                               Available in 13.5" $85
16" white with red and navy "diamonds" $85                                      15" royal and red band on 1.25" band  $95

Royal and white 14.5" featuring "curves" chain overlaid with diamonds     16" navy/lt blue/white with "crisscross" chain on 1.25" band  $95
Rosettes feature new gold "filligree" rings  $95
Mix of purples on "circles" chain in 14.5" $90                                           Lapel pin to match browband $15

Ivory with clear rhinestones and pearls $80                                              Deep cream with coffee and clear bling, ready to go in 16"  on                                                                                                                1.25" wide band  $100
16" green and gold browb and with gold set rhinestones 1.25"                       Navy, white and red 14.5" browband 1.25" wide $100, white   $100                                                                                                         stock with lace neck $30, navy with gold stars minivest $35
                                                                                                               RB19 stockpin $15
Red and white band made up in 15" $115  1.25" wide band                      Black and hot pink (silver set) 14.5" browband $115 1.25" band
White with black diamond (dark smokey grey) rhinestones on                   White with royal velvet and braid trim $90 - I currently have a
1.25" wide band, made in 15" $100                                                        matching white with royal/silver trim Euro stock and silver piped
                                                                                                          royal minivest available too.  Browband 16"

Navy, latte and gold browband made up in 16" (1.25" wide) $100              Royal baby blue and white wide browband made up in 16" $100

Black white and silver 16" band (1.25" wide) "Curly" chain $100           Burgundy and gold 16" band (1.25" wide) "Antique" chain  $100

Cream with red "Antique" chain 16" (1.25" wide) $100                                     Lilac/Purple and silver 16" band (1.25") with "Twistie" chain
White, red and royal 13" band (1" wide)  $90                                  Teal and ivory 13" band (1" wide) $90

Royal 16" band (1.25" wide) $100                                              Hot pink and black 16" band (1.25" wide) $95
16" cream navy and gold 1.25" wide band  $100                                 13.5" red white and royal on 1" band $85

13" red white and royal  on 1" band $95                                            Navy latte and gold 15.5"  on 1.25" wide band $95
Black silver and hot pink 15.5" browband on 1.25" wide band $95         Burgundy and silver 15.75" on 1.25" wide band  $100

13.5" cornflower and silver on 1" band $80                                         Royal white and gold 13" on 1" band $85

Ivory with Dark Siam feature chain - please note the baguette                           Royal, aqua and silver 15" on 1.25" wide band $100
stones are acrylic - made on 1.25 wide band in 15.75"  $90

Olive, hunter, cream and gold 14.5" on 1.25" wide band $90                    Royal and silver 14" on 1" band $95
13" navy red and white band on 1" $85                                               16" red black and silver on 1.25" band $100
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