Again, why should the hackies have all the bling?  Gorgeous ear bonnets available in navy, black, white, sand, and baby blue adorned with AAA grade Czech crystal in clear or coloured stones.  You can chose to have a bling centre on it, or swirls of bling - or nothing at all, it's your choice.  Photos below are just examples of what can made, I am happy to design for you or make to your own design and prices start from only $35, postage Australia wide in Express Post satchels costs $10.55 for up to 3 bonnets.  Due to demand, PONY SIZE bonnets now available!   **COB will fit most horses 14hh - 15.2hh**

Please be aware that I buy the bonnets in already made and just add the bling myself, so they come with the trim cord already on.  I can remove and replace the trim cord with something different, but this all takes time to do so this does increase the cost.  

Baby blue with silver based clear chain   $35                       Baby blue with navy chain $35
Black with gold "Tail Trim" and RB14 centre  $40            Navy with silver/clear chain $40

Sand with Champagne coloured stones  $40               White with hot pink stones $40
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Black with gold set black chain  $35                              White with silver set black chain $35

White with gold set purple chain  $35                               White with gold set red, clear and royal blue chain $35
Black with silver set black diamonds chain                   White with gold set red chain $35
and Swarovski clear crystals $45

"One Off" royal blue with silver chain and four                   Purple with silver set purple bling and Swarovski
leaf clover.  This one is $45  **SOLD**                             crystals crown on front $45 cob
Royal blue with silver set clear bling and Swarovski           White with "Giraffe" print in cob size $35
stones set in crown pattern $45

White with "Stars" print cob size $35                                  Black with "Stars" print cob size $35
Navy with silverset clear chain and diamonds on front                   Black bonnet with black and hot pink hearts  
$45 Cob size                                                                             cob size $35
Navy with flower print  $35 Cob    Puprle with animal print cob size $35

Navy with hot pink/lime/fluoro yellow cob $35                 Royal with stars print $35 cob
White with lime/silver cob $35                                         White with hot pink/black/white $35 cob

Baby pink with hot pink sparkly Lycra, silver set                        Black bonnet with silver set black chain, silver set
hot pink chain $45  cob                                                          clear double hearts, and black lace $55 cob
Black with hot fluoro lime and yellow $35 cob                      Black with hot pink sparkly Lycra $35

Purple with clear chain and double hearts $45 cob                Royal with hot pink $35
"Flames" hot orange Lycra on black cob size earbonnet this colour is soooo hot :) $35

Sand with gold sparkles $35 full
Royal with aqua sparkles.  Large cob/        Black with silver sparkles.  Large cob/       White with silver sparkles.  Large small full $35                                             small full $35                                           cob/small full $35

Black with black/silver Lycra ears              Baby pink with pink lace and pearl/rhinestone      Purple with lilac/purple Lycra ears.  Large cob/small full $35                  double hearts.  Large cob/small full $45               Large cob/small full $35                                                                        
White with white/silver Lycra ears.            White with gold sparkles ears.  Large cob/small     White with purple sparkles
Large cob/small full $35                             full $35                                                                large cob/small full $35 

White with dusky pink sparkles and               Baby blue with blue sparkles $35            Black with lace features $45
silver trim rope $40  large cob/small full        Large full                                               Large full                                         
Black with black sparkly trim          White with black lace and black diamonds       White with black sparkly trim.  Large
large cob/small full $35                 chain $50 large cob/small full                          full $35

Navy large cob/small full                           Black with red bling large cob/small full
four leaf clover pattern $45                        $35
I've just bought a "job lot" of assorted LARGE sized earbonnets, there's all sorts of funky colours available so if you are looking for something in particular let me know, I may well have it!

Hot red with white/gold trim and red bling $35, LARGE             Cream with champagne coloured bling, LARGE $35
Milk chocolate brown large bonnet with gold                             Hand dyed large  pink bonnet with silver set clear bling, 
set clear bling $35                                                                   double hearts and black lace $55

Black full sized bonnet featuring red Lycra ears and              Smoke grey with clear bling LARGE  $35
front V covered in black lace, with black lace trim $55
Matching red showbow $15
Moss Green LARGE bonnet with emerald bling  $35                     Dark ink blue bonnet with sparkly silver hearts and silver set
                                                                                             bling $40, black wave shaped browband $35

Large black bonnet with silver bling and double                             Mint green with darker border and emerald green                                                                                                              bling$35
silver hearts $45, black and pink V band $85
White with black and hot pink piping stock $35
M white bonnet with Zebra stripes $35                                        "One off" baby pink with navy trim large bonnet  $35

Large Burgundy with pearls bonnet  $35                                      Ink navy Large bonnet with silver bling and silver hearts $40
Purple medium bonnet with double hearts  $40                                White medium bonnet with lilac/silver Lycra  $35

Black large bonnet with gold set clear bling  $35                       Large navy with hot pink bling $35
Large white with red/silver bling $45                                           Medium purple with "tiedye" material and purple bling  $45
Medium black bonnet with white/silver material $35                     Large white bonnet with purple/silver material $35
        Black Large bonnets with silver set clear bling on silver trim, with silver rings around the ears and red piping $55ea

Green Large onnet with gold set clear bling on gold trim and featuring        Black PONY size bonnet with hot pink bling on
a gold set green crown  $45                                                                      trim cord and "bling rings" around ears  $45

Black PONY sized bonnet with black and hot pink Lycra ears and front        Red Large bonnet with navy Lycra ears.  Navy bling on trim
and hot pink bling   $45                                                                             and red bling around ears  $40

White Pony size bonnet with aqua bling $35                               Leopardskin with clear/silver set bling Large  $45
PONY size smoke blue bonnet with silver bling and                          PONY hot read with 2x row red/pearl alternate bling on gold trim,
bling crystals on the ears $50                                                         2x row red/pearl alternate chain on ears and red/gold crown  $55

Pink full size bonnet with hot pink bling $35, Black with hot pink                Chocolate brown L with gold braid trim and 2x rows
bling V browband $35 OR purchase both for $65                                      goldset bling  $55
Cob black with black star material bonnet $35                                 Golden yellow L bonnet with hunter trim and 1x row green bling                                                                                                           $45

Baby blue with white contrast, silver trim cord and baby blue          Red Large bonnet with navy and white trim  $55
crystals $65 Large

Large navy with white and lime green trim $55                                    Large navy bonnet with red and white trim  $55
Large black with white and silver trim cord $55                                 Large light purple with white trim and darker purple ears  $55

Orange with black and cream trim, gold trim cord and            Large pastel rainbow with aqua trim, 2x silver trim cords and one row of
orange crystals  $55  Large                                                   clear crystals  $65
Large sand with white and lime green trims  $55                                   Large white bonnet with black beaded trim  $70

Bold rainbow (large)  $55                                                                      COB size marine blues bonnet  $55
Large purple bonnet with silver rope trim and amethyst/clear             Large sparkly silver bonnet with white trim  $55
crystals  $65

Turquoise Large bonnet with 2x trims and rhinestone crystals             Large white bonnet with red trim, gold rope and 2x rows of
$65                                                                                                   crystals  $65
Cob emerald green with white and silver trim $55                             Large navy bonnet with aqua trim, white braid and aqua crystals
Large navy bonnet with hot pink trim, white braid and 2x rows of       Large white bonnet with navy trim and ears, and white/gold braid
crystals - one navy one hot pink $65                                                  $55

Hot pink and white L bonnet  $55                                                  orange and black L bonnet with black and orange bling  $65
Hot pink L bonnet with white and silver trim, 1 row clear bling,       L Black bonnet with silver trim and diamante/pearl centrepiece $70 1x row hot pink bling  $65
L aqua with 3x row silver chain  $75                                                          L aqua with navy edge and pretty pearl trim $65

L red bonnet with 3x row silver chain $75                                          L black bonnet with red braid and alternate red/clear bling $65
L baby blue with royal blue braid  $65                                            Lemon yellow with black braid $65

Pony sized hot lime with 3x row silver chain  $75                                Pony Baby pink with "stars" material and silverset bling $65
L Red and white bonnet $55                                                           "One Off" L Royal, red and white bonnet $55

Cob size hunter green/white Bonnet  $55                                   L Black bonnet with "Petite" chain  $75
L chocolate brown with darker brown trim $55                                  Variegated L brown with darker brown trim $60

L Coffee with double braid $65                                                         "Strawberries and cream" pony bonnet $65