I intend to use this page to showcase new bling items that I have imported, and also to offer a monthly list of specials in bling, browbands and also stocks.  The Specials will only be available in the size/colour shown, and are available in a first come, first served basis.

Jan 2013

Let's start the New Year with a S A L E !!!!  All instock bling is reduced by 20% for January only.  See my facebook page for chance to win a $50 bling voucher - http://www.facebook.com/pages/ShowStyle-Equestrian/154342827983463

These are lovely!  Available in both gold and silver set, you can chose from red/navy/aqua/black/black diamond/lt topaz/brown/purple/hot pink in the outer row of stones, or even the same colours in pearl.  Cost is $3.50ea they measure 45mm across so look great "stacked" on top of or inside other rings to produce a stunning 3D effect.

*initials are made of acrylic rhinestone*

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New in are these satin 50mm carnations, available in cream/white/black/navy/red right now and this coming week in light blue/light pink/aqua/hot pink/lilac/purple/hunter green/burgundy.  $2.50pr
Silverset "Square Diamonds" chain $25m                                             Gold and silverset "Waves" $17.50m - coloured centre stone Waves available soon

Softly padded halters in black and brown (in cob and full) with brass fittings             Bridle, whip and false tail bags featuring top quality zebra striped
featuring your choice of Swarovski crystals, semi precious gemstones or rows           polar fleece lined with a soft satiny material and featuring gorgeous
of Czech rhinestones.  All $85, you could even match a halter to your dressage         sparkly rhinestone zips!   Bag pictured would suit either a bridle or a
browband!                                                                                                         triple thickness false tail $55

More new bling has arrived today, 16/3/2011

These gorgeous new "Spiderweb" rings are fabulous; use them alone or with either a single or double ring inside  for a real WOW statement.  New and *exclusive* to Show Style, they are $4ea
April 9 2011
New red/clear Baguette centres.  All
Czech stones, 27mm $3.50 inc GST

New showjumping ear bonnets with BLING!!!  You can chose from black, white, navy, sand and baby blue with your choice of clear or coloured AAA Czech chain on them, you can add a bling centre or have a chain pattern on the front....it's all up to you.  These are currently being started off at $35 but they won't stay that price for long so get yours now, see the "Showjumping Bonnets" page.  You can even have your initials or horses' initials on the front of the bonnet at no extra charge if you wish*

Baby Blue with Silver                                                    Black with Gold                                                
New In May

Why not a bracelet to match your new horse name browband?  These gorgeous bracelets are available in white/black/baby pink/hot pink/purple/baby blue/royal/silver and gold, all in "snakeskin" finish.  They are available with up to 8 letters and symbols for just $15 - and yes you can purchase extra letters if you wish, they are $1ea

DIY kits available for "name" browbands - they come with your choice of browband size, up to 8 letters and symbols (can purchase more if required) in either silver or gold, ribbon in your colour choices - one, two,or three colours - and your choice of chain for either end.  Complete kits $30 + postage, or I can make it for you @ $40 + postage.  Instructions included!

What a great idea for a birthday gift - for either you or a friend!

Also new are these gorgeous bands featuring crystals and semi precious gemstones, as well as both freshwater and cultrured pearls, please see the "Dressage Browbands" page.
Gold and silver set Tiaras $1.60ea

Silver set "Large Oval" slider on left, and "Ovals" slider on right $1ea
Also new in May

Don't forget your best mate!  Dog collars now available with space to put upto 8 letters and charms on.  Collars are 36.5cm long and made from super tough PU leather, which is leather with Polyurethane adhered to it so they are TOUGH but good looking.  Colours currently available Black, White and Baby Pink but more are on the way, also other sizes are coming..  $17.50ea
New in July are these gorgeous silver and Czech stone hearts available in clear, baby blue and baby pink.  They will look super on browbands, bracelets and dog/cat collars  $1.50ea
Also new for July more charms, all still $1ea - horseshoes, crowns, stars and butterflies

What about a nice new "at home" browband?  Why be boring!  These V shaped bands with bling and charms are $40, straight bands with bling and charms even less at $35.

Clear and red baguette chain $25m                                        Silver "Diamonds" chain $25m                                    Gold and silver set hearts $1ea
Single row chains in black/gold, black/silver, purple, emerald,                                             Silver set centre RB27 $3.50
Black diamond in both gold and silver setting $5m

Gold set Triangle $1ea
New for March 2012

Lovely new "Zigzag" silver and gold set chain.  This is LARGE stone chain; it will not fit on  bands less than 1.25".

Also in large is this gold and silver set "Ladder Rung" chain; this will fit on 1" bands.  Shown with teeny rings so you can see the difference in size to normal chain

Gold and silver set stars, single row chain in silver set pink, silver set purple, silver set red/clear/royal

May 2012

New are these rhinestone set "Snoods" or "Show Bows" whatever you want to call them, they are a great way to tidy up your hair for hacking or dressage.  Available in a range of patterns in navy, black, brown, silver, and beige.  All priced at $15 they feature great quality rhinestones.

Buy a complete set of browband, stock, minivest and stockpin and receive a matching Snood for FREE
New for July are these gorgeous coloured rings, centres and tail trims.
RB29                                                   RB30RB31                                          RB32

Double Alternate Rings:-
DA Dark Aqua                         DA Black                                    DA Light Aqua                        DA Pearl                        DA Purple
DA Olive                                    DA Light Topaz                          DA Black Diamond                         DA Dark Pearl                          DA Hot Pink
I seem to have a "glut" of FULL and COB sized browbands at the moment, so I have decided to sell a number of these for a whopping $25 OFF!  Be quick to chose yours, as I don't think these will last long.  Please follow the facebook link:-     http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.330121687072242.79955.154342827983463&type=3    http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.342941369123607.84391.154342827983463&type=3

New chain just arrived; I have called this silver set chain "Crisscross" for obvious reasons!
Pearl waves chain - also comes with other coloured pearls, very pretty                                 RB36 silver set

Also available, new "Design-your-own" Showbows in red/cream/purple/hot pink/royal blue.  Start with a bow in your choice of colour, add a matching or contrasting back, then a net in either black/brown/navy/red/lilac or gold.  Green with lace and your choice of net.  ALL only $15ea
New gold and silver tips 20c each.  Silver set diamonds $1ea
Oct 2012

New for October are some lovely chains, centres and rings.
"Triple" chain in both gold and silver setting.  Czech stone 17mm wide  $20m

Silver set Diamonds, these are 25mm point to point $1.25ea                       RB37  27mm across  $3.50ea                          RB38 22mm across $3.50ea
Curved chain with coloured buttons (other colours on their way) $20m available in gold and silver setting.  The same chain in gold and silver setting with clear large stones also in stock at same price
Gold and silver set "X" chain $13.75m
Silver set Diamonds with either full contrasting colour or alternating colour  $1.40ea
Silverset "Criss Cross" chain $20m
Gold and silverset "Curves" sliders $1ea
"CC" charms in silver and gold $1.50ea