Blue satin stock $25
Blue satin with cream/gold trim $40
Blue shantung with white trim $45
Diamante stockpin  $15
Burgundy with gold stars cotton $25
Burgundy pure silk $30
Champagne satin $25
champagne with brown/cream rope trim satin  $45
Champagne with glittery swirl cotton $25  Unfortunately this material no longer available
Champagne with white stars cotton $25
Champagne satin with ginger/white trim $45
Cornflower with white polkadots and trim cotton $45
Cream damask with black rope trim $45
Gold stockpin with black Cloisonne beads $15
Cream with gold scrolls cotton $25
Cream with gold edge satin $40
Cream with gold polkadots cotton $25
Cream with gold stars cotton $25
Cream with mustard trim satin $45
Cream with mustard trim satin $40
Cream with self stripe cotton $25
Swarovski crystal and gold stockpin $15
Cream damask with blue rope trim $45
Swarovski crystal and gold stockpin $15
White with self stripe cotton $25
Euro styled blue satin with pleated chiffon overlay $45
Blue floral cotton stock $25
Blue floral with white trim $45
This also looks nice with royal trim
Gold satin with cream trim $45
Cream with gold stars cotton $25
Gold with gold fleck $25
Cream with gold swirls cotton $25
Green and blue with gold "marbleing" $25 cotton.
Gold with cream trim satin $45
Swarovski crystal and gold stockpin $15
Hot pink shantung $25
Hot pink polkadot cotton $25
Hot pink shantung with lace trim $30
Jade green satin $25
Lilac with silver stars $25
Pale pink shantung $25
navy polkadot with red trim cotton $45
Light pink, hot pink, lilac, yellow, white and blue cotton with blue trim $45
This also looks good with white/hot pink/light pink/purple trim!
Pale pink polkadot cotton $25
Purple polkadots with lilac trim cotton $45
Gold stockpin with pearls $15
Purple with lilac trim cotton $45
Purple polkadot cotton $25
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"Fireworks" material $25
Stockpin $15
Cream self stripe $25
Stockpin $15
Diamante centre made into stockpin $15
This is new!   The "Mix and Match" stock features velcro on neckpieces which can be made in any colour                         White with burgundy/gold centre and
you wish - see the difference here just altering the neckpiece makes.  This stock is $40 due to the double                       burgundy piping - a matching minivest
piping, and extra neckpieces (I call them "bells") are $5 each                                                                                       is also available $30
Cream with burgundy $30
White satin shantung with red piping and red ruffled neck $30.  Diamante "sunburst" stockpin $15
Cream with navy polkadots and navy centre stock $25

Cream with red polkadots and red centre stock $25
White satin with lace neck bell insert $30.  RB23 stockpin $15

Cream satinback Shantung with gold and brown trim   $30 stockpin $15
White satin stock with red/gold braid $35, stockpin $15

Ivory satin stock with silver piping and silver fleck centre $30, matching silver fleck minivest $35
White cotton seersucker stock $25

White pintucked cotton stock $25